Jacob Smith Society

The Jacob Smith Society is named for the “master builder,” who combined the roles of architect and general contractor when he constructed the historic 1806 Meetinghouse. Smith followed closely the design patterns provided in builder’s guide books by Asher Benjamin. The Gloucester Meetinghouse is the second and largest of three meetinghouses built by Smith and follows the Congregational Church in Rockport and precedes the Congregational Church in Manchester-by-the-Sea. We honor his work in naming the Foundation’s Leadership Giving Council of donors who have contributed $5,000 or more annually.


Robert Amory
J.J. and Jacquelyn Bell
H. Woody Brock
J. Linzee Coolidge
Susan Gray
JoeAnn Hart and Gordon Baird
Mary Hintlian
Jay McLauchlan and Sarah Stotzer
Scobie Ward

If you would like to join our major donors, please contact Charles Nazarian at c.nazarian@gloucestermeetinghouse.org.