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The Meetinghouse Green Restoration Project

The deteriorating condition of Meetinghouse Green prompted the Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation to commission a Feasibility Study to determine the scope of the work needed to create a safe and inviting environment for community enjoyment. Damaged trees, missing pieces of perimeter fencing, unsafe ground conditions, and the need to improve visitor accessibility while maintaining occasional parking for special events have all contributed to the necessity of a full restoration.

The Feasibility Study, completed by the Gloucester architectural landscape firm Landesign, envisions a unique and flexible outdoor space that provides a welcoming venue for concerts, events, family and other community gatherings. It includes new disease-resistant Elms, a grid-supported lawn to facilitate event parking, renewed center path, new ADA access walks, lighting, and restored period fencing with decorative wrought iron entrance gates.

Meetinghouse Green is the only shady lawn space in Gloucester’s Historic District, an important element of the City’s pedestrian appeal and pride of place. As the site of our annual, nine-week summer music festival, Music on Meetinghouse Green, the work is essential to continuing this unique program which is focused upon supporting worthy, local non-profit partners. The total cost of the project is estimated at just under $200,000 for which we are seeking major grants and donor matching funds.

Music on Meetinghouse Green